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Head of Deparment / Designing work:

March 2017 - “WINNING MARGE”, Short, Written and Directed by Max Lincoln:  

                    Makeup and Hair designer

April 2017 - “Little Bird – Tom Williams”, Music video Directed by Kris Rimmer :

                    Makeup Hair and SFX designer

 Nov 2016 - “THE RIVER”, Written and Directed by Micheal Holley: Co Makeup, Hair,  

                    Prosthetics and SFX Designer

Aug 2016 - “SKIN DEEP”, short, Directed by Tim Long, written by Harry Chadwick,

                   Adrift Pictures: Hair, Makeup and SFX designer

                 - “THREE ACTS”, Feature Film by Tom Sands, Substantial Films: Co Hair   

                   Makeup and Prosthetic designer

July 2016 - “Husky Loops - Fighting Myself” Music Promo, Directed by Max Lincoln

                   for VICE : Hair, Makeup and SFX Designer

June 2016 -“Fews - 10 Things” Music Promo Directed by Maxim Kelly: Hair Makeup        

                  and SFX artist

March 2016 - "Woods" Short directed by Max Lincoln: Makeup and Hair HOD

                   - "Glamazon Test" Photographer Sam Todd: Hair and makeup HOD

Feb 2016 - "Twit Face" Tv Sketch Show by George Johnston and Tara                                                    Newton-Wordsworth: Makeup and Hair HOD

July 2015 - "Misery Business" Remake project with Latymer School: Make up

                  and hair HOD

June 2015 -"Promise of You" Music Video for Storey, directed by Harry Baker

May 2015- "Karen" Trailer for short film by Jake Mann: Make up and hair    


April 2015 - "Assassination Of Carlos" 48hr Scifi Challenge entry by Max                                                Lincoln: Make up and hair designer

Feb 2015 - "Safe House" Short by Joe Watkins: Make up and hair HOD

Jan 2015 - "Tom" short Chloe Burgoyne: Makeup and hair designer
                - "Bit Part" Short by Christopher Zhang: Make up and hair HOD

Nov 2014: -“The Swallow” short by Harry Baker: Makeup and hair    


                 -“I’m a Feminist” Written/directed by Yashar Alishenas and Eran                                            Tsafrir : Makeup designer 

June 2014: -“Nothing Better” Written/directed by Kris Rimmer: Makeup, hair                                             and costume designer. 

May 2016- "Rink" Short film by Gail Hackston: Hair and makeup artist

Feb 2016 -  "Strangers again" Music video for Judy Collins directed by Martine                                      Skogstad: Hair and Makeup

Dec 2015 - " FYO" music video for Avelino: Makeup, Hair

Nov 2015 - “Cured” Short by Darren Mapletoft: SFX/Makeup/Hair                                   


Oct 2015 -  “The Holly Kane Experiment” Feature film by Tom Sands.                                    Makeup and Hair artist

June 2015  - Look Book for Jessica Leclere MA knitwear RCA. Make up and  


                   -"Field" Fashion film for Xiaoqian Wang CSM Jewellery design

April 2015 - "Daisy" by Nancy Paton: Make up and hair artist

March 2015 - Kerrang! Magazine shoot for band Brawlers: Special Effects                                              Makeup

Feb 2015 - "King Arthur Knights of the Round Table" Guy Ritchie/ Warner 

                   Brothers: Makeup Trainee Daily

Jan 2015 - "Hound" by Simba Masaku: Makeup and hair artist

Nov 2014: -“Dreaming of Peggy Lee” by James Everett: Makeup and hair    

                 -“Evelyn” by Zak Harney (Promo test shoot): Makeup and hair 

Oct 2014:  -“South of the River” short by Joe Watkins: Makeup and hair        


                   -“The Four Warriors” feature by Phil Hawkins: Makeup and hair   

                   - Halloween Event @Lockside lounge Camden: SFX makeup    

                     and face painting for staff and public  

July 2014: -WAH London launch party: Makeup and hair artist for staff      



Work Experience /Assisting


Oct  2014  -WAH London, Christmas advertising campaign: Assisting Gina                                     Blondell

                  - "Genius”, directed by Michael Grandage: W/E in crowd room 

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